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PUSH PULL LEGS Training Plan

PUSH PULL LEGS Training Plan

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Don't you feel exhausted from those studies of doing XYZ will improve your workout by 1 quadrillion percent? Every single little thing about bodybuilding is in numbers there.

BUT NOT HERE! I personally tested every single one of my training plans, to make sure they work. I had 10+ years to do so. Do you want to get advice from the skinny, big goggles, nerd guys, OR do you want to take the advice of a bodybuilding simplifier maniac, who has been in this field for many years by now?

Never Feel Stuck Again

Overthinking and Overcomplicating are huge trends nowadays. That’s why most people feel STUCK every single time. Even professionals overcomplicate from time to time.

The only thing you need to do is follow the training plan. 10 years of experience went into it. Do what’s been proven to work.

Customized To Busy Day-To-Day Life

This training plan is customized to people who live a busy life—working all day long? No problem. Working at nighttime? No problem...

No more excuses from now on because this guide contains:

  • 3-day Push Pull Legs
  • 4-day Push Pull Legs
  • 5-day Push Pull Legs
  • 6-day Push Pull Legs

Which one to pick?

Picking a variation out of the 6 days can be tricky.

"Do I have to work/study a lot? Do I have practice? Ah, f*ck, I have a date this Saturday..."

Life happens, and unfortunately, I cannot change your routine, or the events you have to go to, I can give you a guideline based on what would be best for you:


This one is ideal for relatively new lifters, or for people who are really busy and need a flexible schedule.

4-day PPL

This split is perfect for people who have a certain bodypart that is lacking behind the rest of their physique, and wants to focus on it specifically!

5-day PPL

This one is great for people who want to do the whole cycle of push, pull, and legs twice in the same week, but still have something to do on the weekends, or just simply don't want to go 6 days a week.

6-day PPL

I would only recommend the 6-day split if you have been training for a good amount of time already, and you are ready to take your training to the NEXT LEVEL.

    Don’t Hurt Yourself

    Don’t be that guy who starts his workout without a warmup. Do you want to get injured? The answer is NO. In my 10 years of bodybuilding, I’ve been injured many times. I know what it feels like, it is most definitely not good.

    This is why, with the training plan, you also get a “HOW TO WARM-UP” guide too.

    Abs? Forearms? Cardio? You got it.

    Thought I wouldn’t include it? Nah, I’m not that guy...

    To reach excellence, in every way possible, I’ve included guides on how to train abs, forearms, and cardio.

    So what’s the next step? You move forward. Good luck.

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