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Antagonist training

The method is called antagonist super set training.

When you perform an exercise, there is always an agonist muscle, which is the main mover, and an antagonist muscle, which is the muscle that is opposing the agonist muscle.

So for example, when you do a bicep curl, the bicep is the agonist muscle, aka the main muscle that is being worked with this exercise.



And on the other side of the biceps, is the triceps, which is an antagonist muscle in this case, because its not being worked by the bicep curl.

So you can do a super set, where you first do biceps curls, and then you immediately follow it up with triceps pushdowns.

Since every one of these exercises is targeting a different muscle, you dont have to worry about any overlap issues.

Because the opposite side of the muscle that is being worked, is resting.

So you dont have to sit around scrolling on your phone between the sets, instead you can go from one exercise to another one!



But it doesnt have to be only opposing muscle groups.

The bodyparts that you can super set, only have to meet one condition, which is that both of the exercises should not hit the same muscle group.

So for example, you can do benchpress and follow it up with calf raises, even tho they are not directly opposing muscle groups, they dont clash with each other in any way.

So you can setup your workout in a way, where all the exercises are antoginst super sets.

Which will literally make your workout twice as fast! The way that you can do it can be for example like this:


Setting up an antagonist workout

You would start with a chest exercise and super set it with a back exercise.

Then a biceps exercise with a triceps exercise, quad exercise with a hamstring exercise and a shoulder exercise with a calf exercise.

And with all of these super sets, you will only rest around 30seconds to 1 minute, basically just the time that it will take you to walk from one exercise to the other one.


Pros & Cons


The biggest pro of this training style, is obviously that it will save you a lot of time.

And it will also improve your endurance, since you will be going from exercise to exercise, which will increase your workout capacity and you will also burn more calories this way!

Antagonist training can also prevent muscle imbalances, since you will be always training both sides of the body evenly.



There are couple of them that you have to seriously consider.

The biggest drawback is that you are constantly switching between the exercises for opposing muscle groups, and you are never getting the "full" rest.

Which will lead to a small decrease in overall strength and performance.

You should think about it in a way, that you sacrifice a little bit of your performance, but you gain a lot of extra time in return..and if you are someone who is really short on time, then this is a trade that you will happily take.

One other disadvantage is that if you are working out in a crowded gym, it might be almost impossible to do this, but if you have a home gym, or if you are going to the gym during the less busy hours, then its not really a problem.



Keep in mind that you dont have to fully commit to this training style, you can do most of your workout normally like you always do, and then you can apply this method only for your isolation exercises. So you can get them done faster!

If you are someone who struggles with having very long workouts, or if you need to be very time efficent, because you have a life outside of the gym, then try implementing this method into your workout atleast in some cappacity, you will be surprised how well it works!


Try applying all of this knowledge to your training plan, and im sure that you will see much better results..or you can just try one of my training plans!

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