"It's simple" Dude, f*ck off already

You've probably heard the word "simple" on this page more times than your own mother called your name.

It's true, bodybuilding is simple, but what do I mean by that, why is it simple?

What does "simple" actually mean?



The quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.
"for the sake of simplicity, this chapter will concentrate upon one theory"


Remember the times in math classes?

Yes, you do, why wouldn't you? All of that headache, of trying to understand that new formula and all those loud noises that your teachers made. It's disgusting, I know. Those times are the complete opposite of simplicity.

Now if you think, just a little bit about exercises. What pops into your mind?

Most of the time when I was talking with old friends, they came up with all the garbage that new influencers taught them, and all those "NEW AND HYPERULTRA GAINS JUST IN 30 SECONDS, HAVE ABS NOW AND DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT ANYMORE!!!!" routines. Now, you might be one of the people who think bodybuilding is all that TikTok garbage

Now f*ck that, and let's actually talk about simplicity.

This is the website, made by Winny the Trainer, who Simplifies everything in Bodybuilding.
If you didn't already know, then welcome...

If you've paid attention to the first article, and looked up the person who invented bodybuilding, you would know that he didn't have fancy gym equipment or machines. He used those big ol' dumbbells.

He managed to build a body that a lot of people can only dream of.

His method was simple, his style was simple. Everything he did was simple, and how it turned out?

The point is, if you overcomplicate bodybuilding, you are not going to get jacked. You just have to go there and do it. Don't overthink. Don't use 3000 various machines, simplify your routine.

My channel is all about making exercises simple, and showing you how to use them in your workouts. Is that too much, and do you want to stay average-looking, or you'll start diving deep into my videos?

You have all the information you need. Why won't you use it?

Start now, the clock is ticking...


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