You are different

And so am I. Everyone on the face of the planet is different. Everyone has their own story, with their own main characters (preferably themselves), storylines, etc..

"Do you want to be just average?": This phrase came up a couple of times in my "branding". Why should you, as an individual, be better than the average?

I was once average. Just a "nobody", who goes to school every day, goes out with friends, partying and stuff. Now I am a grownup, with over 10 years of experience in many realms of bodybuilding activities...

I've made mistakes, and I've learned from them.

So, you as a beginner, trying to solve the mysteries of bodybuilding, the act of building bulging muscles from the ground up; what is the objectively correct option?

1. Suffer as I did, and make countless mistakes

2. Make little to no mistakes and be free to roam the mysteries of bodybuilding

If you don't feel dumb saying the first option is better, then I have nothing to teach you.

If you say that the second option is far better, welcome, you've finally decided to take the right path.

If Mike Tyson (bear with me) came up to you, and said you know nothing about boxing, what would you say? "Shut up, I do"? Obviously you would listen to what he says and implement it onto your fighting.

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