Do you really know what the basics are?

Or is it long lost in the past, and now you're just scattering through information, through exercises, and you call something "basics"


A man in the 1890s from Prussia once decided to visit a gym that was owned by Ludwig Durlacher. That man was called Eugen Sandow. Ludwig quickly saw Eugen's capability and saw something in his future, so he encouraged him to take part in a strongmen competition.

Seems fair right? We all start lifting because of one occasion. Some of us start going to the gym because something happened in our lives. A heartbreak, a bullying phase, or something else. Someone start lifting because its fun. Or because of boredom.


Fast forward a little bit into the future, Eugene realized that the people around him were much more fascinated by his bulging muscles than his strength.


This is how bodybuilding was invented. He invented the basics of the bodybuilding. Although bodybuilding back then was far different than what we see in this modern age, the weights are different, the techniques are different, and the poses are different.

Nevertheless, some things never changed, and never will. But what are the so-called "basics of bodybuilding" then?


The basics rely on 3 different categories. Never more and never less.


This is objectively the one part that cannot be missed.

It doesn't matter whether it's cardio, weight lifting, or basketball, this is the part that matters the most. Period.



But let's say you know nothing about training. To be fair, even tho the percentage of people who actually go to the gym every single day seems to be rising, the number of people who are born every day is increasing exponentially.

It's whole procedure is essentially overworking your muscles. Let that be by running or basketball (your legs get stimulated) or by lifting heavy weights/doing bodyweight training (depends on your workout.)

While that muscle gets "overworked" that muscle gets "micro torn". But there's a problem and that problem always starts at one single point.


But Where do You Even Start?

Making a workout plan is a mess. It is. Collecting results like how did you feel during this set, do you like this machine, do you dislike this machine, is it good for muscle growth or not...

To put this simply, it is really weird, and I didn't even go into the details. I did suffer too at the beginning. I was too stubborn at the beginning, I was like "I can do this myself", but you know what? I ended up asking my friend if he can show me some tips and tricks. (gosh, I am so happy that I did). It was a long process.

A typical training plan would train all the muscles that are have to be trained at that day. Whether it is push, pull, full body, legs, biceps, it correlates to the day.


After 10 years of hard work and suffer, I've decided to build my training plans. If you are ready to lose your stubbornness and improve your workout, check them out. No pressure ofc...

But how does getting your muscles torn make your biceps bigger?

2. EAT

Eating is a crucial part of life, and for some people, bodybuilding is a necessity, they can't live without it, and vice versa, so eating is crucial for bodybuilders.

If you train every single day, but don't eat properly (getting in protein and enough calories), according to your diet, it doesn't matter how hard the training was, you just lost a day.

You have to take in protein to fill in those micro-tears, you need food to have energy.

In short: Eating Is Essential

There is a saying that goes like this:


You cannot grow muscles if you don't eat enough. You cannot lose fat if you eat too much. Eating is the single most important thing in bodybuilding, but some people get lost. It's absolutely normal. Creating a full meal plan while you're a beginner can be a headache. "Where do I even start?" right?

And while it is a major part of bodybuilding, it is recommended to know what you're doing, and why are you doing that. There is always an easier option. You'll always have people build complete meal plans for you, from A to Z, If you don't know what you're eating, and why are you eating it, there can be HUGE scams all around the web, selling meal plans that are not accurate.

On this website, you can find a guide on how to make your own training plan, from A to Z+, additional pieces of advice, and much more. It is written with 10+ years of experience in bodybuilding, and with over 200 people started here.


I know that this article consists of many times when the word "important" is written. Let's use another word.

Sleeping is prominent in the cycle of working out. This is the part where your muscles get rest, so those micro-tears could be actually filled in by protein.

For those of you who don't know, NO it's not enough to sleep 5 hours a day. If you want your muscle growth to be at the top, YOU NEED TO SLEEP...

Your friend and you might start at the same time. Might actually have really similar genetics. But you stay up all night, you play video games, because of your fear of missing out, and you lose out on tons of rest. Let's say that your friend is smarter, he goes to sleep at a normal time. He gets 8 hours of sleep, you don't.


Working out is basic. You just need to train, eat, sleep, then repeat the cycle.

You don't need any equipment, you can start working out at home. You don't need pills to start, you can just eat well.

Working out is as basic as getting up from bed every day.

You just f*cking do it.

Simplicity ↪

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